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8 ft or 6 ft Tall Cedar Board on Board Fences

board on board cedar fence 8 ft privacy fencesThere are many options available when choosing a cedar wood fence. An 8′ (ft) tall, Cedar Board on Board Fence with Steel Posts is the option that will provide the most security and privacy, and also is the sturdiest and most stylish fence option available. This is our top-of-the-line fence, and there are many options to upgrade it even further, including decorative ornaments and added backyard privacy fences wood cedar board on board 8 ft tall overlapping picketstrim, to give you a completely custom fence. We use only the best materials available and do not take short cuts to cut our cost. Using the best materials makes a big difference, not only in the
overall look of the fence, but also adds years to the life of the fence. Lifetime Fences provides quality custom fences that will last many years. We stand behind our fences with our Lifetime Warranty.

Picketsboard on board wood fences pre stained pickets cedar fencing

Our cedar pickets are #1 grade Western Red Cedar. Why do we only use Western Red Cedar? Before we install the pickets on the fence, we inspect the quality. Pickets that do not meet our standards are returned to the manufacturer and replaced (at no cost). Cedar pickets are available pre-stained, or we can apply the stain after the pickets are installed. More info on Fence Staining


We use 2×4 rough-cut cedar rails rather than the 2×3 smooth cut cedar rails that other companies use. Rough-cut cedar is a better grade of wood than smooth cut 8 ft tall cedar wood fences privacy fences 6 ft tall backyardcedar, takes stain better, and gives your fence an overall better look. Most companies use smooth-cut cedar because it is more cost-effective. We use 2×4 rails instead of 2×3 because they are thicker, last longer and are more resistant to deterioration.


The metal posts that we use for our privacy fences are heavy gauge, galvanized steel posts. The posts for an 8′ fence are set 6 ft apart, and 3 ft (36″) into the ground using Maximizer concrete. We attach the metal posts to the fence using Simpson brackets, which is one solid piece of steel, rather than multiple piece brackets.

8 ft tall boards cedar fencing 8 ft cedar pickets steel postsKickboard (Rot Board)

Lifetime fences are installed with the pickets raised and a 2×6 pressure-treated board on the bottom to protect the pickets from rotting, water damage, and weed-eater damage.


board on board wood fence metal posts 8 ft 6 ft wood fence companies

What Makes Our Privacy Wood Fences Different from Most?

In the following video, Dallas explains the difference in the materials and construction of our board on board fences.

Upgrade Options

Top Cap

wood-privacy-fence-board-on-board-cedar-fence-6-ft-8-ft-tallOur Board on Board Wood Privacy fences come standard with the cedar side trim. The 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 cedar top cap is an available upgrade option, which provides the fence with a decorative finish. The top cap also adds even more sturdiness and stability, providing additional longevity to your fence, although many customers choose this option for the design and curb appeal that the top cap adds to the fence. Additionally, adding a cap to the top of the fence prevents water from getting down inside the overlapping pickets.


Boxed Posts

Although metal posts are recommended (and widely popular) for the construction of both residential and commercial fences in DFW, due to the weather and the soil here, it is a concept that is unique to our area. Many homeowners who move to DFW from other states are not familiar with metal posts, and prefer the look of the traditional wood posts. We offer boxed posts as an option for homeowners who prefer the traditional wood post look. Boxed Posts are metal posts that are “boxed in” on three sides, hiding the metal posts from view while still providing the necessary support for a long lasting fence in Texas. Boxed posts are available as an upgrade, and can be plain as seen below on the right, or built with “fluted” wood, as shown on the left, for an even more decorative look.

8 ft 6' tall board on board fence installation privacy fences cedar metal posts 6 ft 8 ft cedar wood board on board fences pre stained pickets

Stacked Trim

Our privacy wood fences are built standard with the side trim. Additional, decorative trim can be added for a tiered finish. This is a very popular option among our customers, especially in conjunction with the top cap as shown below.

Cedar Fence Cap Trim Board-on-Board prestained pickets


Arched Trim & Corbels

Arched trim is an upgrade option that we offer to that gives our customers to customize their fence and give it a unique finish. Corbels come in many shapes and sizes, and decorative metal ornaments can be added such as stars, initials, or other decals offering a truly unique and personalized wood fence.

privacy fences prestained board on board fences 8 ft 7 ft Privacy Wood Fence w/ Custom Corbels


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