Why do we only use Western Red Cedar?

Why Do We Insist on Only Using Western Red Cedar?


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Western Red Cedar trees contain tannins that naturally preserve the wood from decay and insect attack. The inherent tannin oils saturated throughout the lumber naturally protect it outdoors for many years. The darker red tones are derived from the center of the tree called the heartwood where the tannin oils are most concentrated. This characteristic combined with Western Red Cedar’s centuries of proven performance make it the preferred choice for building outdoor structures such as fences, arbors, and pergolas. Most other woods, including the cheaper more plentiful yellow and white cedar wood such as Chinese Cedar, do not possess these protective oils! Other woods will require regular maintenance for outdoor use to prevent the start of fungus and decay which can quickly spread once it gets into the wood, especially where it comes in continuous ground contact. Western Red Cedar also has a very low shrinkage factor and is superior to all other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping and twisting.

All Cedar is not created equal!


 The Western red cedar wood boasts a rich textured grain in a wide range of warm color tones creating a unique appearance. Left in its natural unfinished state, Western Red Cedar ages gracefully to a silvery gray color blending harmoniously with its environment. Graying does not affect the integrity of the wood. (However, we still recommend a good quality stain, especially for extreme weather conditions.) Additionally if you prefer not to let it gray naturally with age, we recommend that you stain your fence every 3-4 years.


If its not Western Red Cedar…Beware!


Independent studies prove that when it comes to environmental performance, natural wood is superior to synthetics products in every way. While other building materials generate greenhouse gasses, western red cedar actually removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. And unlike brick, cement and composites, Real Cedar is renewable and biodegradable. Plus, Real Western Red Cedar is sourced from the most sustainably managed forests in the world!
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