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6 Ft Cedar Wood Fence

Also Available in 8 ft

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Style, Strength, and more value for your money! This is our most popular fence! If you plan to stay in your home for a long time and want a fence that looks great and will last, you’ll love our standard fence. This fence is our best-seller! Our standard cedar fence has built-in value for the cost, while still maintaining the high quality that 6 ft Tall Cedar Wood Fence - Standard Fencehomeowners expect from a Lifetime Fence. Our standard wood fence can be easily upgraded with stain and trim to create a beautiful custom fence to accent your home.


Our pickets are quality Cedar. Why do we only use Cedar?  Our standard fence includes 6″ pickets with a top trim, but we offer 3″ pickets, dog-ear style for a slightly lower cost. Before we install the pickets on the fence, we inspect the cedar wood fences basic fencequality. Pickets that do not meet our standards are returned to the manufacturer and replaced (at no cost). Pickets are available pre-stained, or we can apply the stain after the pickets are installed. More info on Fence Staining


We use 2×4 rough-cut cedar rails rather than the 2×3 smooth cut cedar rails that other companies use. Rough-cut cedar is a better grade of wood than smooth cut cedar, takes stain better, and gives your fence an overall better look. Most companies use smooth-cut cedar because it is more cost-effective. We use 2×4 rails instead of 2×3 because they are thicker, last longer and are more resistant to deterioration.

Top Trim6 ft cedar wood fence basic backyard wood fence

This is a 1x4x8 cedar trim that goes on top of the fence to give it a streamlined look. This is included with our standard fence, but is optional. Dog-eared pickets without the top trim are available for a lower cost.


The metal posts that we use are heavy gauge, galvanized steel posts. The posts for a 6 ft fence are set 8 ft apart, and 3 ft (36″) into the ground using Maximizer concrete. We attach the metal posts to the fence using Simpson brackets, which is one solid piece of steel, rather than multiple piece brackets. Wood posts are also available.

Kickboard (Rot Board)cedar wood fencing 6 ft wood fence metal posts cedar fence boards

Lifetime fences are installed a 2×6 pressure-treated board on the bottom to protect the pickets from rotting, water damage, and weed-eater damage.



wood fences cedar wood fenceThis is our Standard Cedar Fence with 6″ Cedar Pickets, Side-by Side Style, with top trim and a kickerboard. The price you are quoted for our Lifetime Standard Fence includes everything described above, with no additional charges for permits, site preparation, or old fence removal.

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