Having Trouble Keeping Your Dog in Your Backyard?

Fence Solutions for Your Escaping Dog


Problem: Dog Jumps Over Your Wood Fencedog fences

Usually dogs jump over the fence for one or more of these reasons: he sees an animal or something else that he feels compelled to chase (especially common for hunting breeds). The dog sees a friendly person or dog he’d like to meet, which is understandable since dogs are companion animals naturally seek companions. The dog is bored and looking for something to do, or looking for his owners.

Recommended Solution:

The best solution, and most visually appealing, is our Lifetime 8 ft Privacy Fence (board on board). Most cities will not allow a residential fence to exceed 8 ft tall. Our privacy fences offer no visibility between the pickets, so your dog won’t be able to see out of the yard. Our Lifetime Privacy Fence is one of the sturdiest fences available, and backed by our Lifetime Warranty.


Other Solutions:

If you already have a 6 ft fence that is still in good condition, and don’t want to buy a new fence, there are several affordable options to deter your dog from climbing or jumping your current fence.

  • No-Climb Safety Rails no climb rail dog fence

We install rails on the fence that are angled instead of a regular flat 2×4. Your dog won’t be able to grasp the rail with its paws and use it to climb the fence.

  • Add a lattice to the top:  no climb fences for dogs

If your current fence is in good condition, we can add a lattice top for a much lower cost than building a new fence. This is an affordable way to make the wood fence taller (if allowed by your HOA) and more intimidating for your dog to attempt to climb.

Problem: You Have a Metal Fence and a Small Puppypuppy bars fences for puppies

Metal Fences are one of the most low maintenance fence options available. They are solid and fashionable, and can greatly increase the value of your home. Most metal fence designs have large gaps between the posts, however, making pet containment a challenge.

Recommended Solution:

We can install puppy bars or puppy mesh between the pickets of your metal fence to close the gap, and your small dog will no longer be able to squeeze out. Our Puppy Bars are available in many styles, and enhance the look of your metal fence while giving you peace of mind that your dog can no longer escape through the bars.

puppy bars iron fence steel fence dog fences

prevent dog from digging under fenceProblem: Your Dog Escapes by Digging Under Your Fence

Stopping a dog from digging can be challenging. A dog that digs to escape not only creates a safety issue, they also create unsightly holes along your fence line.


Recommended Solution:

We can install a treated 2×6 kicker board (or “rot-board”), at the base of your fence which helps deter digging by closing the gap between wood fence rot boardthe fence and the ground. Every wood fence built by Lifetime Fence comes standard with a kicker board, because it raises your pickets off the ground and protects them from rotting and weed-eater damage. For dogs who are exceptionally determined to dig their way out, you might consider burying chicken wire along your fence line, or even install a concrete footer.

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