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Chain link fences offer the most economical option available for residential and commercial use in Dallas. Chainlink fencing is as economical as it is durable, which is why so many people choose to enclose their yards and businesses with chainlink fence. Chain Link fence can be easily transformed into a semi-privacy fence with polyethelene slats. Choices range from the basic galvanized metal to a more elegant black vinyl chain link.  Known for it’s strength, durability, and longevity, chain link fences are a sound choice for  residential and commercial use. Lifetime Fence Company offers great quality chain link fences for great pricing and professional installation in the Dallas area.


Residential Chain Link Fences

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Commercial Chain Link Fences Dallas


Indoor Warehouse Fences

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Barbed Wire & Security Chain Link Fences

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Chain link fencing has been the product of choice for security fencing for over 60 years because of its strength, corrosion resistance, “see thru capabilities”, ease of installation, versatility, variety of product selection and value. A chain link fence is one of the primary building blocks for a facility’s perimeter security system.
The physical security barrier provided by a chain link fence serves one or more of the following functions:

  •  Gives notice of the legal boundary of the outermost limits of a facility
  • Assists in controlling and screening authorized entries into a secured area by deterring entry elsewhere along the boundary.
  • Supports surveillance, detection, assessment, and other security functions by providing a zone for installing intrusion detection equipment and      closed-circuit television (CCTV).
  • Deters casual intruders from penetrating a secured area by presenting a barrier that requires an overt action to enter.
  • chain link fence barbed wire fences installation dallas Demonstrates the intent of an intruder by their overt action of gaining entry.
  • Causes a delay to obtain access to a facility, thereby increasing the possibility of detection.
  • Creates a psychological deterrent.
  • Reduces the number of security guards required and frequency of use for each post.
  • Optimizes the use of security personnel while enhancing the capabilities for detection and apprehension of unauthorized individuals.
  • Demonstrates a corporate concern for facility security
  • Provides a cost effective method of protecting facilities

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