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Custom Iron (Metal) Fences

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Lifetime’s fully custom metal fences are made from high quality steel, they are durable, and are custom made to accent your outdoor living space. custom metal gate wrought iron gate iron fence companiesThey are the perfect complement to driveway gates and can be combined with wood fences for a really nice look. Iron fences offer a protective enclosure with a spacious feel. From basic flat top and bottom, to extravagant and decorative, we have many options available to fit your budget and style. Each piece is pretreated with a powder coat finish. Iron fences are very low maintenance, which gives them an advantage over traditional wood fences. What is the difference between steel fencing and aluminum fencing?

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Puppy Bars

Small metal bars that are installed between the iron pickets. Perfect for keeping small dogs and puppies in your yard, and loose neighborhood animals out.

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Contoured Iron FencesDSC007652

Contoured iron fences follow the sidewalk, garden, pool or walkway, and add an attractive accent to landscaping and gardens.


All wrought iron fences include:

FREE 3 year warranty on materials

Limited Lifetime warranty on workmanship

Finest quality steel materials

Custom layout to accommodate site

Available in 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, and nearly unlimited options when choosing custom options.

metal fence wrought iron fence aluminum fencingInstallation of a Metal Fence with Puppy Panels!

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Popular options for wrought iron fencing:

Flat top/Flat bottom

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Extended Picket

Custom Metal Gate steel fences metal fences aluminum fencing

iron fence decorative finials steel fence decorative finials


Other Custom Iron Services:

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