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Need advice on a fence or roofing project? We are here to help! Our fence and roofing experts have many years of experience and are happy to answer your questions. Leave your question in the comment box below, and one of our fence or roofing experts will respond as soon as possible!


  1. I have a very large dog, and he is constantly jumping over our fence in the backyard and getting out. What would you recommend?

    • Our recommendation would be putting up an 8 ft tall wood fence with the rails on the outside of the fence, rather than the inside, if you live in a city that will allow an 8 ft fence. An 8 ft iron fence would be another option.

  2. My neighbor put up a fence a few years back and it looks awful on the side facing my house. Is there a law regarding the appearance of the fence? Would I be allowed to paint the fence on my side seeing as though its on my property line? What are the laws regarding the fence?

    • You would probably be ok to paint your side of the fence, but we would recommend talking to your neighbor first as a courtesy. Technically, if the fence was built on the property line, it is considered shared property. If you are in a neighborhood with an HOA, check the bylaws regarding the appearance, approved colors, and shared fence regulations. Also, go to your city’s website and check the building codes.

  3. Hi, I was wanting to inquire about getting a fence put around my business and if you guys offer any type of discounts for people who served in the military? I was more interested in an Iron Fence.


    Andrew Thompson

    • Andrew, we would be happy to give you a free estimate. Just use the “request estimate” form on our home page, or call 214.952.3966. Yes, we do offer military discounts, we appreciate your service to our country!

  4. My neighbor and I share a chain linked fence. After they moved in, our dogs have not gotten along and I have decided that it would be best if I put up a privacy fence. This will prevent the neighbors from having a visible view of our backyard. Although, I’m only putting this onto OUR side of the fence, is it still rude/inapporiate to not ask before putting it up? We are on bad terms with the neighbors at the moment so talking to them about it is not going to work out. Should I still go ahead and do it?

    • It is considered best practice to speak to the neighbor first. However, the most important factors are city and HOA approval. I would recommend building inside the property line 4″ to 6″ so that if there is a dispute, you are the legal owner of the fence, and they have no legal right to the property (fence).

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