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Wrought Iron Fences & Handrails Frisco, TX

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Lifetime’s fully custom iron fences and metal fences are made from high quality material, they are durable and are custom made to suit any taste. They are the perfect complement to driveway gates in Frisco TX, and can be combined with wood fences for a really nice look. Iron fences offer a protective enclosure with a spacious feel. We also have prefabricated basic fences as well. Each piece is pretreated with a powder coat finish. These fences are virtually maintenance free, which gives them an advantage over traditional wood fences.


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Puppy Bars


If you have a small dog who can fit through the pickets of your iron fence, puppy bars can be installed between the pickets to close the gap. Puppy bars are available in many custom styles, and enhance the look of your iron fence while keeping your dog safely in the yard. They also help keep stray and wild animals out of your yard.

  puppy bars fences for puppies  dog fences   puppy bars iron fence steel fence

metal fence wrought iron fence aluminum fencing

Installation of a New Metal Fence with Puppy Panels

Contoured Iron Handrails

Follow the sidewalk, garden, pool, walkway. Great for custom Balconies!

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Wrought Iron and Custom Metal Fences in Frisco, TX

Wrought iron fences are decorative and functional. Quality workmanship increases curb appeal while functioning commonly as deck fences, railings, pool fences, yard fences and garden fences.

Custom Iron Handrails

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Iron handrails provide stability and support while adding visual appeal. Handrails of today are more than just functional, as they can be custom designed to suit the taste of Frisco residents. From sleek, to highly embellished, the options for iron handrails in Frisco TX are almost limitless. Other handrail uses include bathrooms which help to prevent falls on slippery, wet floors, in pools, or on balconies. Handrails are designed as ornate accents for indoor or outdoor uses.

All wrought iron fences and handrails include:


FREE 3 year warranty on materialscustom metal gate wrought iron fences frisco tx handrails aluminum

LIFETIME warranty on workmanship

Finest quality metal materials

Custom layout to accommodate site


Popular options for wrought iron fencing:

4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft tall panels

Basic Flat Top/Flat Bottom style

Extended Picket

Custom Finials

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